I'm Z Bummed.

A couple of weeks ago I finally gutted up the courage and bought some big-girl furniture (Definition: furniture that was not from a consignment store, outlet mall, and/or on the curb of someone's home that I yanked and painted). I had been eyeing this amazing nightstand from Z Gallerie. Seriously, I think I looked at it online every day for two weeks straight.
While I was in Houston over Halloween, I stopped in Z Gallerie on my way back to Austin and rewarded myself with this little jewel. Along with these two fantabulous tufted velvet pewter chairs -- that I needed just because. And I got 10% off if I spent $50 extra. So instead of buying a couple of picture frames or something, I threw in the chairs. Why not

Tadd, my FABulous Z Gallerie consultant, assured me that I'd have them by my move in date. He told me to call him in two weeks and he'd confirm the shipping date. Of which I did. At 9am this morning. Except, Tadd was unavailable so I had to talk to Todd (I guess Z has a name requirement upon employment), and he told me to expect my goodies in late Decemeber. Oh HELL no.  Apparently, he did not recognize the state of urgency I was in. I need these things in my life right now. That being said, this is why I am 'Z' sad. I guess I'll just go back to doting over my mirrored mirage of greatness online until it arrives around Christmas. Bah-freaking-hum-bug.

Also, while I'm waiting unpatiently for my purchases, I found this great blog to keep me busy. House of Turquoise. It's evidently a woman after my own heart. Everything Turquoise? Don't mind if I do. Great inspiration for decorating, and some cute ideas for the holidays. Until later!