Oh, hi.

Well, I've jumped on the proverbial bandwagon and created a blog. Hoo-ray! I mainly started this as an outlet to share my adventures, misadventures, elations, and frustrations in the process of moving in to my first house.  Particularly, because I know my mother and boyfriend couldn't really care less if I painted the master bedroom 'Intense Teal' or 'Turquoise Tint.' The fact that all of my conversations somehow lead to paint colors, upholstery, and framing jobs - is enough to lead anyone to drink...more. Now I can openly ramble on to the world wide web - and not feel guilty.

So, here I go! Documenting all of the fun along the way. And more than likely, I'll document some random ramblings as I see fit. Everyone else is doing it. So why not?