On the 8th day...

God invented spray paint. No, not really. But he might as well have. Last night I took on the task of spray painting all of the goods I've collected over the past couple of weeks.
Firstly, I wanted to gather different types of frames, spray paint them gold, and group them together to hang above my bed (Note: I'm painting my room dark turquoise - my favorite color in the whole wide world.) After numerous trips to Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Garden Ridge to scope out their fram sales. (Tip: Hobby Lobby has ALL frames for 50% off right now). I finally got enough frames for my little project.

It was quite simple. Except now my left hand is slightly metallic, and my nails will never be the same. Regardless, I think they turned out smashingly! Speaking of smashing, make sure you get frames with removable glass, otherwise you're making a risky date with a hammer trying to get it out. We learned that the hard way. No injuries...major injuries anyways.

While I had the gold spray paint out, I painted these deer horns ($15 @ Wimberly Market Days) as well. My dad's probably going to have some smart elic comment about how you shouldn't paint mounts - but he wouldn't know 'fabulous' if it hit him in the face. Hush, and hang them on the wall, please. Bambi just got a little bling, that's all.

Last but not least, there was the daunting task of painting the previously mentioned iron bed. I've only done one side of it - will probably finish later this weekend. Maybe. I think the color looks great, but now I'm wondering if I could have just dealt with the ghastly lavender color it was originally -- between trying to not make it look 'drippy' and inhaling the paint fumes, I got fed up and quit. And poured a glass of wine. I'll post pictures of the finished project next week. P.S. -- I found a similar bed at Anthropologie for $2k+. So I think this was quite the steal. If it ever gets finished...

I'm off to Dallas this weekend, so I'm hoping that means a stop by IKEA on the way back. Have a good one!