This is paint'ful.

Other night I went back to Lowe's to finalize my paint colors. After circling the paint department an embarrasing number of times -- seriously, I saw people whisper -- I started to lose hope. WHY is picking out paint so terrifying? It's not like I'm picking the name of my first born child or something. This shouldn't be hard. And there shouldn't be 345,098 different shades of white. Honestly.

Lowe's was unsuccessful, so then I trooped on down to Home Depot. Even more overwhelming. And the guy behind the paint counter was either high (and not on fumes), or just dumb. I vote both. Finally I took my 349 shades of turquoise, brown, and white/off-white/ekru/cream home to brew over a decision.  Right now I think Behr's 'Peacock Feather' is the winner-winner-chicken-dinner for the master bedroom. Either I really like the color, or they all just started to look alike and I just went with the one with the cutest name. It's also how I choose toenail polish. Obviously, highly scientific.

Ok, I'm off to the Christmas Affair with Cindy and her gal pals. I'll report back with my findings. Also, going to swing by Urban Outfitters afterwards for -- well, I don't need a reason. I'm just going. Happy Friday!!!!!!