Wimberly Market Days

The first weekend of every month Wimberly, TX hosts their 'Market Days.' This is the epitome of 'other people's junk is your treasure.' My mother goes religiously each month, and I've slowly begun to join the church of 'buying other people's junk at basically 'free' prices.' The last time we went I almost had to invest in a U-Haul to get all of my treasures off the premises. This month was no different. Luckily for my car though, the finds were much smaller. Kind of.

I found these spectacular Franciscan glasses for $8/4. Along with two milk glass vases for $9/2. See? Free. My motto is "If it's under $10. It doesn't count." Also found a $5 glass frame, and some funky little turquoise casserole dishes. For all the casseroles I make - *cough.* Along with these glorious gems, I purchased an iron bed frame for insanely cheap. Yes, it was purple, but as I say -- nothing some spray paint can't fix! Note: project in next blog. Not as fun of an undertaking as I had imagined.

I highly recommend a trip out to Wimberly if you can make it. It's only 45 minutes from Austin, and well worth the short drive. But get there early - the good junk goes fast!