I'm baaack.

So terribly sorry for the lack of posts! I've been consumed with home ownership (aka - my hand has cramped up from writing so many friggin' checks that I found it hard to type), moving (aka - ordering other people where to place my belongings), and wedding festivities (no, not my wedding).  But alas, I am back. I'm still very much so in the process of finding a home for all of my goods -- a task that I fear will take longer than I have the patience for. However, that is why I bought boxed wine at H-E-B other day. It numbs the pain of sifting through the 123,498 frames and pieces of flair I have apparently collected over the years. My guest room has now been deemed the "bad room," and it will remain that way until you can see the floor. For now, we won't speak anymore of it, because the thought of it makes me severely tense and will drive me a drink. Moving on. 

Here are some pictures of the progress. I've made a huge laundry list of things I'd like to purchase. First on the list is a buffet table or sideboard for the dining room. I was determined that my current furniture would be just fine, against my mother's warnings. Once I got it all set up I realized it looks doll-sized and something must be done.  Mother knows best. Damn.. I've been eyeing one from IKEA, but might see if I can buy something fo' cheap and refinish it. I'd also like a new dining table. One that big girls can sit around.

Don't be jealous of my mad iPhone photo skills. The blurriness kind of hides the 'unfinished' look. Don't ya think?

The Guest bathroom. The first thing I finished, because it was obviously the easiest.

My bed & nightstand. Please note the fabulous lamp courtesy of Home Goods - only $39.99. I just bought fabric to match the shade so I can make some curtains. And when I say 'I can make' I clearly mean 'watch over Cindy's shoulder as she slaves away on the sewing machine while I play with NoNo.' -- it's obviously interchangable.

Here's the front! I almost forgot to put up a picture of the actual house.