Blog Envy

When I first created the blog it was mainly to just to hear myself rattle and ramble about my goings ons, I had NO idea there were some many blogs about interior design/decorating! You go to one site, they have links to another site, and suddenly a Pandora's box of all things fantastic has just been opened. And I can't stop reading. It's by no means good for my productivity, but I've gotten tons of great ideas from them (of which I've only kind of started to put into motion...and I stress kind of). Here are my current favorites

nuestra vida dulce: First of all, I sense that she's as giddy about finding things on the cheap as I am. Secondly, she has a "What's Good in Your Hood" section and she'll scour Craigs List in your town and pick out the highlights. Such a great idea -- and a time saver! Craigs List creeps me out, so I appreciate someone else taking the time to sift through the crazies.

Life in the Fun Lane : I'm pretty sure she's the reason I bought a hand sander. She can turn your grandmother's cousin's sister's hand me down dresser that has seen better days into a fabu staple piece for your home. When I grow up, I want to learn how to refinish furniture like her. I'm tempted to by an air compressor with a paint spray attachment. But that might be too much too fast.

 Copy Cat Chic : Never underestimate the power of a knock-off. I've made a hobby of finding fun fancy things, and then venturing all over town/world wide web to find something like it for under $100. It's a little game I like to play with myself. This blog has a new item every day, and then shows you 2-3 cheaper versions of it. Brilliant! There are few things I like more than to brag about how little I paid for something. Last week when giving some of the girls a tour of my house, I found myself saying about various items, "Oh yeah, it is cute isn't it? What makes it cuter is that I only paid $12 for it." (while in my head I'm really saying "Oh yeah, beat that.")

That's all for now. Happy blog reading! I'm off to find more caffeine. Sidenote: If anyone is in the market for a cat that wakes you up at all hours of the night, I'm considering putting mine up for sale. Jokes. Sort of...