Weekend Projects

This weekend I really got on my motor scooter (shout out - Alyce Ann), and made things happen. Shockingly I woke up early every morning and got to work. Please note, this was not on my own accord - my security alarm, for some reason, likes to freak out, get a short, and shut off all my power. Neat! But, every dark cloud has a silver lining - after messing with the breaker box in my partial slumber, I got to work. First things first, Saturday I had my hair done. What does being blonde(r) have to do with your house? Nothing. And everything all at the same time. After platinum-izing, I headed to an estate sale off Shoal Creek. I think I got there too late for all of the good stuff, but they were apparently slashing prices on the left overs, so I got a little table for $17. I've sanded, primed, and painted two coats of white. I'm going to give it a good spray of polyurethane tonight -- 'before/after' pics to come tomorrow.

Next on the list: I cut some left over fabric from my curtains and put it underneath the glass on my desk. Gives it a little pizazz - no?

And then....I woke up early on Sunday morning (again, thanks to no power), and went on my merry way to -- 1) Howdy Donuts (fuel up for the day), 2) Target, 3) Garden Ridge, 4) TJ Maxx, 5) Home Depot....for the 2nd time. I've been hankering for some new throw pillows for the couch, and Target had these turquoise/brown ones (and they're reversible).

And then came the major undertaking of the day. I decided to paint an accent wall in the living room. Considering I've never painted a wall in my entire life, this was a milestone for me. I felt confident that I've watched enough hours of HGTV in my lifetime that I would know EXACTLY what to do. Neesh. I apparently need to practice my 'taping off' skills, but oh well. NoNo apparently thought my taping skills could use some help too, because she kept biting the tape and pulling it off the baseboards. What a helper. I think for my first time, I did pretty ok. I'm pleased with the outcome. But I certainly don't feel the urge to paint anything else anytime soon. Here's the before/after.

That's it! Now I'm (im)patiently waiting for ADT to come fix my alarm, so I don't have to wake up so early and be so productive anymore. It's exhausting!

Happy Monday!