Winner Winner.

Ellen wins the gold star for the day. I'm headed to Houston for the weekend, and tomorrow morning Ellen and I are going on a mad mission to find some cheap furniture. We've both become infatuated with the refinished miracles that Holly from Life in the Fun Lane can whip out. But considering she only sells her wares north of the border, we're both out of luck in that department. In Ellen's research she found the holy grail on craigslist. Houston version. How conveeeeenient. Jannet of Simple Matters has some amazing pieces and for some amazing prices. I'm on the hunt for a lot of different pieces, but a dining table and chairs is at the top of the list. (If you'll kindly remember my doll-sized furniture previously mentioned.) And what to my wondering eyes should appear? This. Make an offer. I immediately emailed the seller and made her an offer. Unfortunately the table & chairs found a rightful home, BUT I discovered that Jannet will refinish any thing you find that's not to your liking, and you can pick the color. Brilliant. She also has some other unfinished pieces that you can peruse. Ahh,  a woman after our own hearts. *sigh*

In preparation for our scavenging tomorrow, I dug up an old issue of Domino that highlighted some Houston home stores. We shall treat that as our guide. Hopefully it won't lead us astray! However, not to be forgotten is my sweet beloved Home Goods. Besides seeing my friends and having a birthday party to attend tomorrow night, Home Goods is probably reason #3 I'm trekking it to Houston. It's that special. Speaking of, here's a peak at what Cindy picked up for me at HG in San Antonio. I've been scouring for a white ceramic garden stool, and haven't had any luck anywhere - or haven't been able to find one for under $100. She snagged this for only $49.99. I don't have it in my hot little hands yet, but as soon as I do I'm sure it will have a special place.

 Ok, I'm off for the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some great things to report back! Have a fun & safe weekend!