Musical Chairs.

As I was checking out at the Four Hands sale, the cashier asked me, "OMG - did you see the matching chairs?!" Umm, apparently not or they would be in my hot little arms. However, after standing in line for nearly 20 minutes just to check out, I decided that the chairs would have to wait for another time. I immediately came home and looked them up online to see what I had missed out on. And "OMG" was right. These chairs are wonderful, and if I recall I remembered seeing a few of them...and for cheap. Like, cheap cheap. I then went back to the sale every morning this weekend to find the chairs, and of course they were gone. They're on sale 20% off wholesale/resale this week, but I'm determined to find a) a replica of the chairs, or b) something WAY cheaper.  Spending that much on dining chairs makes my stomach hurt. Sidenote: Four Hands sells to Neimans, Horchow, Wisteria, etc. So if you ever find something from there that you might be in love with, check FHH first and you can probably score a deal. These chairs full price from FHH are still about $200 less than retail at Neimans.

While I still might hold out another 3 months until the next warehouse sale for the chairs to put at either end of my table, I think I've at least decided that I want to do a dining bench on one side of the table, and perhaps some uber-modern chairs on the other side. (I like the contrast of a vintage/distressed table with a mix of modern/antique chairs). I'm becoming quite fond of the Louis Ghost chair right now, but I've yet to find anything reasonably priced -- and it IS plastic. What are the thoughts on these chairs? 

I can't decide if I'll be not-as-in-love-with them in a year or so. And for that much, I better be head over proverbial heels. Ikea, of course, has a more practical acrylic chair right now -- but I'm still debating.

I'm headed back to Wimberly Market Days next weekend (yes! They're baaaack). And I'm hoping I can maybe find some chairs that I can refinish and call it a day. In all of my dining chair research, I'm starting to realize how insanely overpriced expensive chairs are!

I would love any suggestions or recommendations for chairs. Bargain chairs are even more welcome :)