Table time.

Yesterday was the first day of the much-anticipated Four Hands sale. I arrived exactly at 10am so I could be one of the firsts through the door. Neesh. I pulled up only to find 100+ people anxiously waiting in line for them to open the doors. By the time I park and make my way to the door, people were rushing in like it's the day after Christmas. Because I'm highly OCD, I had already picked out what I was looking for online so I had a plan of attack when I got there. Low and behold, some girl had the same idea as me. I spotted my beloved couch, and she was sitting on it like it was already in her living room with the price tag in her hand. I hope someone spills red wine on your fancy new couch, lady.  Ok, that was harsh -- but I was disappointed. I roamed around for about 2 hours and every time I found something I liked, I didn't even have time to ponder because some lovely couple would come up behind me, pull the tag, and find a salesperson. I finally came across a couple of dining tables, and I knew if I thought about them too much, they'd be gone. Sure enough, one of them went in like 3 minutes, so I guess that solved my problem! I'm very happy with my decision, as the other table was way too shabby chic, and if it some point in life I'm to move in with a boy, I don't think they'd appreciate the overall girly-ness of the table. My new table was delivered this morning, and it looks great! Now, I need to figure out chairs. Details...Oh, and to top off the fabulosity of the table, it was $1,000 off. That is right. Oh, I how I love a bargain!
The rug looks a little dwarfed by the table, but we'll figure that out later. And my miniature console table has GOT to go. All projects for another day. 

Also of note yesterday, my Pier 1 table came! To my surprise it came in a very tiny skinny box. No where did I read, 'assembly required,' but for $30 I wasn't going to complain...yet. It came in 6 pieces with about 20 screws, some of which I've yet to figure out where they go. Assembly didn't go as well as planned, but I'll make the finishing touches whenever I have another set of hands over. 
I think I'm going spray paint the metal parts a more true gold color, the table now is a little too 'antique-gold' for what I was looking for. But I'm certainly happy with how it turned out regardless -- minus the few screws that are loose. But maybe that was the assembler (is that a word?), and not the table. Who knows! 

Have a great weekend everyone!