This & That.

It was a lovely day in the neighborhood, so after brunch with friends I buckled down and finally painted the long list of things that have been on my list for a while. First on the list: the IKEA frames. I only painted two, but after hanging them on the wall, I'm thinking I definitely need a third. Perhaps it's my OCD, but I prefer to have things displayed in odd numbers. I'm going to live with it for a day or so, but I have a feeling I'll be painting another one soon. 

As much as I LOVE my new coffee table, I wasn't so in love with the antique-y gold color of it, so I grabbed a can of 'brilliant gold' spray paint and went at it. No one can probably even tell. But I can. So there. 

While I had the gold spray paint out, I painted a couple of frames (and my hands, perhaps permanently). And then I decided to get creative and paint (again) the $17 table I scored at an estate sale a while back. 
If you remember, it looked like this: 

And then I painted it white and threw it in the living room. I was bored with the plain white, so today I did this: 

I can't decide if I love it or not, but if I don't -- painting it a third time's a charm! For some reason I'm infatuated with hot pink right now. Maybe I'm channeling Barbie. Last but not least, I'd like to give a shout out to Garden Ridge. I'm in love with white ceramic garden stools, and although Cindy had already snagged a beauty for me at HomeGoods, I couldn't resist this $29.99 steal other day. Keep in mind the going rate for these are in the $100 range (...which I don't understand). GR has these in white, black, red, green, and brown if you're in the market. 

Speaking of Garden Ridge, I put together this little arrangement for my dining table. The pitcher was $12.99 and the flowers were only $2.99 each. I feel as though it's quite the thrifty centerpiece! 
Ok, that's all I have to report for now! 

Seacrest, Out.