Sit down,

Grab a cocktail, and stay awhile. I have alot to share.

First, these dining chairs from the Ridge. After having a 1/2 glass too much of wine @ Uchi other night, I stopped in GR on my way home and nabbed these beauts. I only got two because, well that's all they had. If you spy them at another Garden Ridge, let me know. They're similar to the ones I posted earlier, however they don't scream "I'm cheaply made!" as much as the others. I think at some point I'll reupholster and possibly paint, but for now they're just hunky-dory.

Now for the main event. On Friday, Cindy and I woke up bright and early to hit up Antique Weekend in Warrenton/Round Top, TX. There are antique tents for miles and miles and miles. Honestly, it gave me a wee bit of anxiety. And I can't even begin to tell where I bought most of my goods, it was all such a whirlwind, I'm just lucky to have fit it all in the car. Barely. Cindy & I played a nice game of car Jenga to get it all home, but get it home we did. Here we go...

All of these were an unbelievable bargain. Well, except for the hot pink chair. But it HAD to come home with me. It also HAD to ride in my lap for the 1.5 hr drive home, but it was well worth it. It comes courtesy of LeAnn from The Vintage Laundress. Luckily, she's located in Austin and does custom upholstery and an unbeatable price! After shopping 8 hours of shopping, we grabbed dinner at Royer's in Round Top and hit the road. Can't wait to go back in the fall!

Here are some pics of the newly improved digs. I got a wild hair yesterday and decided I wanted to paint my living room @ 11:30am. By 1:30pm a painter was here and got the job done. Nothing like an impulse project (...for someone else to do). I still need to hang some art on the wall, but even naked it doesn't look too shabby.

The lamps on the buffet are the old Target ones with a coat of silver spraypaint. They look 10x better. Alright, that's all for now. I'm hoping to hang some new art on my newly painted wall this week, so stay tuned for an update!

Think I'm going to pour myself a glass of 'job well done' and camp on the couch.