Trigger happy.

Tonight I put my staple gun to work. I covered some old canvases that I had stuffed in the guest room closet. If I can't see ugly, I don't know it's there. However, I think they look less ugly now, and actually quite snazzy.  I think some white lacquered frames will really do the trick on these.

Estate Sale Recap: 
As promised here are the pics of items I scored at the estate sales this weekend. The yellow floral fabrics above were procured at the Tarrytown sale (small canvas: $1 fabric, larger canvases: $5 bolster). Also I got this cute little milk glass bowl ($5) and this funky 70's serving tray ($10). I spray painted the handles gold since they were looking a little brassy and worn. Everything can use a little bling!

'Til tomorrow.