Wimberley procurements.

Behold. Here are the goods I found at Wimberley Market Days yesterday. Apparently I have a new found love of bamboo furniture. It's making a come back. Maybe. 
Bamboo tray table -- will be painted a turquoise *shocker* lacquer.

Bamboo bar cart (glass removed) -- will be painted a grey lacquer (I'm digging lacquer finishes lately. Can you tell?)

My prized find, or the "Morticia Adams chair" as Cindy deemed it. I spotted this treasure last time at market days and kept my fingers crossed it would still be there this month. Lucky for me! Although I need to work on my bargaining skills, I think this was a steal. Where in the heck am I going to put it?! Not important. I just really needed it in my life. Mad props to Cindy for attempting to put it in her cart and wheel it through the crowd. We provided comic relief for the patrons. No big. 

 12" Gold peacock figurine: $1. Somehow I managed to probably pay too much for the above mentioned chair, and I had to 'think about' the $1 bird. Glad it came home with me. 

Until next month! Not all of the vendors were there this month, so that has me even more excited about April. Oh what finds will I find?!