All tatted up.

No, not that kind of tattoo. When talking about paint colors for her new house yesterday, my boss pointed out Benjamin Moore's new (well, to me) Portico Wall Tattoos. You can pick any color combination your little heart desires, and have at it. While it looks a-maz-ing, and is supposedly cheaper than wallpaper, I just can't wrap my head around how time-consuming, wrist-wrenching, and overall not-fun this little project looks like it would be. Has anyone tried it?
I'm dying to do something to my drab vanilla wall in my dining room, but every option I stumble across looks painstakingly hard, expensive, or not worth the effort. Here are my options. Suggestions (and offering free labor) are welcome.

Option 1: Have the wall flocked (twice, since it's uber textured), and do wallpaper.
Option 2: Test out the painting stripes idea, as shown in a previous post.
Option 3: Tattoo the darn thing. 

I realize that all of these might put me in a pinch when I go to put my house on the market in a few years, but it will make me happy in the mean time. And that's all that matters. So there.

Ok, that's all for now. Happy Friday peeps!