Bravo, Bravo.

If Bravo put out a show that was focused around watching paint dry, I'd probably watch it. It started with Project Runway, then Top Chef, then Top Design (where did that go?!). Sans some horrid shows like the one about the Miami socialites or the unfathomable one about the NY bratty prep school kids - pretty much everything Bravo touches gets my stamp of approval. Bravo's most recent show, 9 by Design has become a staple on my DVR list. While their choice in children's names is questionable, their designs are ah-maz-ing.  SixxDesign can do no wrong. While perusing their site for decorating ideas, I discovered they have a book. Jackpot! Immediately, I cruised over to and ordered myself a copy of Downtown Chic for myself. I'm welcome.
 And Amazon was nice enough to recommend that I also purchase The Find, so I of course obliged.
Not only will these hopefully be filled with fabulous decorating ideas, they won't look too shabby on my coffee table either. Double win. Can't wait for them to arrive!

I shall now start stalking the mailman.