Don't call it a comeback.

Oh, hello. Yes, I'm back. And I guess I can't really say 'back' since I didn't go anywhere. I've been here. Reading other peoples blogs, thinking 'that's great! I wish I could write something like that,' and then I get ADD and go do something else. My deepest apologies for not posting anything in *gasp* a whole month. I get so annoyed when people don't post every day, and here I am sitting on my un-creative rump not sharing anything of my own. I've slapped my own wrist and promise not to do it ever ever again.

That being said, here's the latest! I finally broke down and bought the gosh darn ghost chairs.
I thought long and hard about what dining chairs I wanted, and I kept going back to them. Luckily, the decor gods were smiling on me on the day I came to this conclusion, as they were on sale at Collectic Home. The sales lady and I jenga'd 4 of them in to my car, and I went on my merry way. They look fab, if I do say so myself. However, I've noticed that anyone who weighs over 100 lbs. is hesitant to sit in them for fear of them breaking. They're sturdy. I promise. Just think light and airy thoughts before you sit down.

Secondly, run out to your nearest Target and buy a pair of these beauts now.
Seriously. Drop whatever you're doing at this very moment and go. They're going fast, if they're not already gone. The day Cynthia Vincent launched these, I reverted back to my 'Liberty of London' crazy-eyes-must-have ways and hit up every Target in the greater Austin area all before 10am on a Sunday. I was one of the chosen few that was able to find them, as Target decided to get all stingy and not put many (if any) out. Target - expect a letter from yours truly, because I haven't been able to locate the black ones a-n-y-where. And this is not ok. I'd say I'm boycotting you like I did Macy's and Wal-Mart -- but we have too much history, so I'll let it slide. Just have them by May 15 and we'll be ok. Love, ME.  Besides the fact that they're breathtakingly cute, they're also shockingly comfortable. And they make me exactly 6' tall. Which is also neat. 

Ok, promise to post more today. I just need to go find an IV of Diet Dr. Pepper and get the creative juices flowing. I wonder if you can get a keg of DDP? Hmm...I'm going to make some phone calls.

Oh - and one more thing. You're looking at (well, not really because I'm not physically in front of you) the newest contributing writer for Launch787 I was giving my first assignment today, so we'll see how I do! I haven't written for a legit real publication in years, so hopefully it's like riding a bicycle, and I'll remember how to write like a grown up.