While perusing my list of routine blogs this morning, I stumbled upon this little gem via Apartment Therapy. If only Dwell studio would bring this design to their Target collection, all would be right (and less expensive) with the world. Peacocks. check. Turquoise. check. I'm tempted to order it for my guest room, but then I'd have to totally re-do the entire room. Which might actually not be a bad idea, considering it's the modge podge room for all-things-with-no-home right now. It could probably use a little sprucing. Perhaps this is exactly what it needs, hmmm...

Blog Rec: Also, for those of you that are looking for a new source of procrastination blog to read, check out Ingle Talk. She's a new Austinite, who has an awesome little online shop of home goods and decor, such as this nautical nugget of goodness.
Happy Hump Day kids!
Seacrest. Out.