Four Hands Update

Another sale has come and gone, and I'm a few items richer. Thursday morning, Cindy and I scored a couple of these fabulous patchwork pouffe/ottomans for $25/ea.
I've yet to really figure out just exactly where they'll go, but for the price they were too good to pass up. Friday morning was a bust, but Saturday - oh sweet Saturday - was quite a success. Four Hands recently acquired Bluefish Home, and they had an additional tent outside of the warehouse with all of their old inventory. At 10am they blew the horn and the tent doors flew open. I, along with the other furniture hungry people, ran in and I immediately spotted a dining chair that went with my dining table. I threw myself on it like someone had just shut off the music in 'musical chairs' or something. $99?!?!??! I yanked a salesperson over and the chair was all mine. Mine mine mine. 
I then ran inside to see if a matching chair in the warehouse had been marked down from it's original $215 price. It hadn't. Luckily, one of my lovely shopping assistants found a salesperson and demanded a price check. How could one chair be $99 and the other $215!? After some deliberation, he came back to me with a ticket in his hand and a $99 price tag. Oh, heavenly day. I walked out of there with two fantastic dining chairs, and I was one happy camper. Pictures of the dining table with its new friends are soon to come.