Because Craigslist makes me a wee-bit tense, I'm attempting to peddle my wares via the blogosphere. Now that I've procured the new fabulous dining chairs, the old fabulous ones have got to go. I missed my window of opportunity to return them by 12 measly hours. Thanks alot Garden Ridge employee, for really sticking to your guns on that one. 

I have two brand new Louis XIV style dining chairs, for $99/ea (or best offer). Please email/comment me if you're interested!

Also up for grabs is my old dining table and 4 matching chairs. This was one of my first 'grown up' purchases, and while I'm sad to see it go, there's just no room at the inn. $200 for the whole sha-bang. It's great for a smaller dining area or breakfast nook.They're espresso finish, although they look a little more black in the pictures. Seats could easily be recovered. Again, email me if you'd like to buy it!