Renegade Craft Fair: Austin

You had me at 'craft fair.' But a RENEGADE craft fair?! This weekend is the first ever Renegade Craft Fair in Austin, at our very own Palmer Events Center. Cindy has already been stalking the artists list and checking out the goods, so we'll be prepared upon arrival. There will be workshops, demos, and live music. Throw in a bloody mary or two, and it sounds like my kind of party.

For more information about the craft fair, and to see a list of participating artists, be sure to visit their website!
Hopefully after this I'll be inspired to whip out the glue gun, staple gun, and whatever else kind of gun I have and start getting crafty again.

After looking through the artist pages, I found this little shout-out to NoNo via PowerandLight's etsy store.
Hoping they have these for purchase at the fair this weekend.