HSN Convert

I used to attribute the Home Shopping Network to cheesy gadgets like the Magic Bullet Blender, the Slap Chop, etc. (side note: I may or may not have these things in my kitchen.) However, now that Nate Berkus has joined the ranks of HSN, things have really turned around.

This my friends, is what we call a game-changer (thanks, Meghan).

Gold. Faux bamboo. At at only $199?! Where was this during 'Operation Coffee Table' last year? This could have saved me a lot of assembly time and gold spray paint. I'm tempted to get it just to have on back up, whenever I decide that my Pier1 craft project table is no longer good to me.

Earlier this year, I ordered this rug from Nate's HSN collection for my kitchen and am still in love with it. In fact, I think a second order is, well, in order. You can never have too much chevron, and who wouldn't want this pretty little thing greeting them at the front door? No one, that's who.

Does anyone know when Nate's new show starts? I have a feeling my DVR's going to be going into overdrive. Happy home shopping!