Sit down, stay a while.

Because I have a fabulous new couch for you to sit on. Yes, that's right. I scored the couch on Day 1 of the Four Hands sale. It took being first in line and Cindy physically throwing herself on it, but I got it and it's mine - mine mine mine. It was delivered this afternoon, and I couldn't be more excited. It looks fantabulous (as expected), and really "makes the room."

Of course, if you a give a mouse a cookie...Now, I've started thinking of 1,453 things that I need/needlessly want for the house. While I'm trying my very very hardest to wait for the grand opening of my beloved HomeGoods to score such items, I'm not sure if I can do it. Instant gratification is my middle name. Not really, it's Ann. But whatever.

1.  Matching end tables for either side of the couch. Ideas? How do we feel about yellow?

2. New chandelier for over the dining table. I'm currently in love with this gem from West Elm.

3.  New rug for the front door. Obvious choice: Nate Berkus chevron. 

4.  New curtains for dining room / living room. Again, I have NO clue. I'm thinking color. And for some reason IKAT keeps coming to mind. The hunt is on.  Ideas are welcome. 

I'm headed to the outlet malls (again) in the morning to see what I can scavenge at Pottery Barn/West Elm/William Sonoma and Crate & Barrel. Hopefully they'll have something that I can cross of the list! I promise to soon post pictures of the changes / progress! 

Also to note, after all of these changes, a garage sale is definitely in order! Stay tuned for details. There will be LOTS of housewares, furniture, clothes, shoes, and all around goodness that I need to purge. I guess I also need to find a 'garage' to have said sale (darn HOA...). 

Happy weekend folks!