Bargain Shopping

I've been getting tons of promotional e-mails from Pier1 lately, so today I took the time to stop in and check out their latest digs. I was so pleasantly surprised with my findings! While I didn't get anything, I've added a few things to my wish list -- now I just need to find places for them to go! 

This cute little elephant's on clearance - $49.98! 

This mirrored cube. In real life it's darker and looks a little more rustic. I think two together would be amazing as a coffee table. 

And finally, I'm obsessed with this wicker ottoman. I fear that it would become a scratching post for the cat, but the price is right at $59.99! 

And since I had the day off, I ventured down to the San Marcos outlets to see what Columbus Day sales Pottery Barn was offering. I spotted a lamp that I promised myself I would "think about," but I'm tempted to bite the bullet and just get it. Thoughts?

Oh, and not that I'm counting, but HomeGoods opens in exactly 13 days. But, nope - not counting.