This and that.

I've finally gotten the guest bedroom in somewhat of a presentable fashion. I have a feeling that things will soon change, but for now -- here it is! (P.S. - I'm asking Santa for a better camera, these pics aren't the greatest.)

 I snagged this little acrylic pedestal table from the last Four Hands warehouse sale. It has the teeniest crack in the top, but the price was right...and it's nothing that can't be covered up with a candle! Voila!

And for a couple new additions...

Truer words have never been spoken. I saw this sign in the window at Back Home, and couldn't resist! I've hung it in the kitchen, where it serves as a constant justification when I pour that extra 'splash' of vino after dinner.

And at Blue Elephant, I picked up this cute glittered reindeer. I have an inkling that I'll probably keep her out all year long - pink and glittery is appropriate for all seasons! At least at this house.