Vegas Re-Cap

Hello dear readers (if I even have any left!), I'm back from my blogging hiatus! Hoo-ray! I wish I had a super fabulous excuse for my lack of posts, yet -- I don't. Wha-whaaa. For the past couple of months I've felt like all I would be able to blog about would be invoices, credits, debits, or other non-fun accounting type things, and I wouldn't dare bore you with that! However, work and life have finally allowed me to come up for air  & I can slowly feel my creative juices started to flow again. Ahhhh...

That being said, let's talk pretty things, shall we?! As mentioned in my previous post, if I can even remember that far, I went to Las Vegas' newest and most fabulous resort casino, The Cosmopolitan, for New Year's Eve.  Yes, it was for work, yet I still managed to have a little fun during my stay. When I first arrived to the Cosmo, I was instantly impressed with the modern meets glam meets super fabulous decor. I was a bad blogger and didn't take very many pictures (I was too busy taking it all in/trying to win my money back), but here's what I was able to capture!

Dinner, by Colin Cowie Lifetsyles

I sneakily (not a real word, I'm sure) took this picture on my iPhone as tables were being set, and it by no means does this room justice. Prior to the concert New Years Eve, a star studded dinner took place in one of the main ballrooms of the hotel. The hundreds of ghost chairs, and thousands of hot pink peonies made my heart skip a beat. Fo' real. I overheard one of my co-workers say, "I can't believe they're making people sit on those plastic chairs." That, too, made my heart skip a beat. Were they kidding?!?! If they only knew I was secretly plotting to sneak a few of the "plastic chairs" out of the ballroom and accidentally ship them back with our stuff to Austin. Jokes, jokes....kind of. All I can say about that though, is Colin Cowie certainly knows what he's doing. 

Me, Rob, and a Giant Chandelier

This fabulous chandelier hangs two stories long and it's, well, simply amazing. There's an entire bar INSIDE the chandelier. Seriously. I wish they would hold a contest "Guess how many chandeliers are in our hotel." I'm going to say 12,347. Approximately. I would probably win.

The Boulevard Pool 

Again, pictures don't do this justice. This pool sits on the 4th floor of the hotel and overlooks the Vegas strip. I can't wait for the warm weather so I can go back and take advantage of the Cosmo's four amazing pool areas. Heck, I can't wait for warm weather in general. 

I feel as though my re-cap of the Cosmo was kind of lame, so here's a much more exciting and glamorous re-cap for you. Next time you're in Sin City, be sure to stop by the Cosmo!