I approve this message.

No, I'm not getting paid to write this--even though it would be a whole lot cooler if I did--I simply have just found a product that I whole heartedly endorse. That product, my friends, is Montana Gold spray paint. Or, as I like to call it, Liquid Gold (in a can).
 A few weeks ago, Rob and I attended a party on the East Side with a much more artistic group than ourselves. Ok, more artistic than me. Rob would argue that he IS an artist. Anyhoo. The event was held in a warehouse that was part furniture manufacturer, part gymnastics mat, part fill in the blank. It was eclectic to say the least. However, it was there that I was introduced to the fantastic-ness that is Montana Gold. The hosts were nice enough to let me just start spray painting whatever would stand still. A piece of wood, some chick's boot cast (wine was definitely involved with that one), and some other stationary objects. I was hooked. What's so great about this, you ask? This is high-quality, high-coverage, graffiti-grade, the best stuff ever, in a can. That following Monday afternoon, I high-tailed it to the UT Co-Op's Art Store and loaded up with as many cans of Montana Gold as I could carry out with my two little arms.

Since it's only a million and a half degrees in Texas, I was afraid to leave the cans in my car for fear that they would 'splode -- and I don't need to add turquoise and gold interiors to the Wrangler. Or maybe I do. Regardless, not a risk I was willing to take. I hauled all of the cans up to my office, so that they could rest easy in the A/C, only to gain some suspicious looks from my new co-workers. Considering I'm still "the new girl," they aren't yet acquainted with my affinity for crafts - much less spray paint. After a while I felt as though I needed to explain my hoarding of spray paint at my desk, and just told people "I'm going to go tag some bridges and shit -- what?" Enter 100 more suspicious looks here. (Editor's Note: I work for the government now). I'm guessing they aren't acquainted with my nerdy sense of humor yet either. Moving on...

While I had my 'team of painters' (aka Bruno and his man-assistant) man-handling Home Reno 101 inside my house, I hung out in my garage all day yesterday to stay out of their way. My garage is pretty boring, so I took it upon myself to start spray painting whatever I could get my grubby little hands on to pass the time. Let me weave you a tale about how I spray painted my grandmother's old mirror in literally 2 minutes. With one coat. No lie.

Exhibit A:

(Funny little side note about this mirror: For years I thought it was a serious antique that my grandmother so graciously passed down to me for my first apartment. I cherished it, and made sure every time I moved, that it was carefully handled, so nothing would happen to it. It wasn't until I moved into this house that my mom told me it was some inexpensive mirror my grandmother picked up at JCPenny in the 90's. I've been had.)

In summary, I vow to never ever again buy a can of Krylon, Valspar, or any other $4 can of spray paint. Montana Gold 4 Life! (as my fellow taggers would say).

My name is Katie Taylor, and I approve this message.