Current Blog Crushes

Along with my morning coffee, I have to have my daily dose of blog updates to get me going for the day. I also then read the news, but I like to know what's going on in the decor/design/fashion world first. Priorities. However, I've realized that blogs are much like Facebook. You start on one page, and only after a few mouse clicks you end up 15 degrees from where you started--and you've spent an hour pretending like you're totally besties with the blog author (aka total complete stranger). Regardless, I love to be inspired by other creative sorts, and these are just the people to do the job. Here are my current blog crushes:

 Kendi, a fellow Texas gal, documents her daily wears and puts outfits together in such an effortless way that makes me just a wee bit envious. What I like most about her, is that she pieces together affordable-yet-super fashionable frocks that every girl on the block could rock. I meant for that to rhyme. She's also turned her passion for fashion (I can't stop!), into a career and recently opened her own boutique in McKinney, Texas.

 The Daybook's author, Sydney, is funny, quirky, and super stylish. Oh, and pregnant. Can we discuss how stinkin' cute she is? There is no way in heck I will ever look this fab when my preggers day comes. She's making mothers-to-be 'round the globe all kinds of jealous I'm sure. Mommies, take note.

Five After 5:00

Fiver After 5:00 was created by five (surprise!) gal pal co-workers in Austin. They each contribute little snippets of their goings and doings, and it makes for a great read! My dear friend, Kara, is included in the bunch, and I can't help but brag on her fabulous dining room--that she and her manfriend did all by themselves. So proud! 

Here's the before...

And here's the after...A-MAZ-ING, right?!

t h e ( c h l o e ) c o n s p i r a c y

Not only does author, Chloe, put together some amaze ensembles, she also lets you in on the latest and greatest online sales. Um, THANK YOU! Her 'See Chloe Shop' segment is quite informational, yet could possibly be detrimental to your wallet. Ahh well, it's all for the sake of fashion, right? 


And last, but not least, is my 'guilty pleasure' blog. I'm an admitted Bravo TV aficionado, and when I heard they were filming a Dallas series, I got all kinds of giddy and excited. Most Eligible Dallas is really and truly what gets me through my Mondays. Trash? Maybe. Making me more dumb by the minute? Perhaps. Amazing TV at it's finest? Abso-freaking-lutely. I've even gotten Rob in on the obsession, although he'll probably be real mad I told y'all that. Anyways, Courtney Kerr's fashion blog makes me all kinds of happy. I may or may not have already purchased some items she's posted. Strong emphasis on may.

What are your current blog favorites?