Hooked on Burnt Orange

This past Saturday kicked off (pun intended) the start of the Texas Longhorns' 2011 season. While the guys were creating their tailgate menus, 'talking shop,' and practicing their Natty Light Shotgun stances, I was busy perusing the inter webs for the most ideal Game Day ensemble. While I don't really care at all for football (or sports for that matter), I care heaps ton about looking fab on Game Day. No thanks to the 100+ degree Texas weather, not only did I have to figure out how to look oh-so-tre chic-- I also had to figure out how to not turn into a  hot, sweaty, who-let-her-out-in-public, mess after standing outside for hours. Easier said than done, my friends, easier said than done.

Here are few of my finds. Keep in mind these are both economical and Texas weather friendly (if that exists).  Goooo Team!  (Can't you sense my enthusiasm?!)

(This is what I wore!)


 J.Crew (via)