Round Top Antique Weekend

It's that time again! Round Top Antique Weekend is here! Preview Weekend starts Wednesday, September 21st and will run through September 28th.  This is an opportunity to beat most of the crowds and scope out the goods early--I highly recommend it!  Not all of the events are open this weekend, but I appreciate the fact that the crowd is significantly smaller. That many people in one place gives me anxiety. However, if you're more brave than I, definitely check out the main Antique Weekend. There are antique goodies galore. A word from the wise: There's entirely too much 'stuff' to see in one day--one weekend, for that matter--so don't go in with the mindset that you'll get it all done. You'll only leave disappointed. Go, see what you can, and HAVE FUN! Nothing pleases me more than pillaging through treasures from days gone by and seeing what I can refurbish into something fabulous! Oh, and if my saying so isn't enough, Nate Berkus thought Antique Weekend was worthy of being the topic of an entire episode. Pretty fancy, huh?

While there are numerous "shows," my favorite by far is Warrenton. Upon arrival, the sheer size of the show seems daunting, but it's certainly worth the adventure. Again, you can't do it all in one day!
Zapp Hall in Warrenton -- HGTV will be here!!!

If you're planning to attend Antique Weekend this year, here are some tips!
Hey! It's Bud Royer!...See? Wouldn't you want to eat with this guy?!

Let me know if any of you are heading that way next week!