Setting my Sights

On lucite. 'Tis no secret that I'm in love with all things lucite. It's modern, it's sleek, and you can see through it. What's not to like? I'm still very much so in love with my lucite "ghost" dining room chairs (which is a plus, because I had serious buyers' remorse with the fear that I'd be 'over them' too quickly.) That all being said, I think that it's time to 'add to my collection.'  I've been on the hunt for a lucite coffee table (or two cocktail tables), with a little gold-brass-snazzy accents to them, but have yet to find anything within my single-white-female budget. Even in Round Top. Sad Panda. Can someone 'splain to me why these are SO frackin' expensive? It's high grade plastic for pete's sake. Anyhow, here's a little bit of what I've been eying.

No, this isn't a coffee table, but it's still really fun. And I'm also looking for a new bar cart.
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 And now some examples of the the hotness in action:

Kind of digging the trunk idea. You can hide display treasures!
In addition to the lucite coffee table, I can't help mention the La Fiorentina sofa. I die.
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What are your thoughts on lucite tables?