Wishful Thinking

I'm getting so excited about Round Top this weekend, that I can't hardly (Cindy loves when people use double negatives, BTW) concentrate on anything else. That being said, I can't hardly come up with a substantial blog post either. In the mean time, here are some wishful wants I've been coveting from the interwebs. Is it too selfish early to start drafting my Christmas list? Gift buyers, take note: 

Marc by Marc Jacobs - D3 Home Satchel
Kate Spade Highline Triple Row Necklace

Nine West Aroundtown MaryJanes

Paper Straws (perfect for a party!)

Monogrammed pillowcases

Pamplemouss Pouch (the name's just fun to say)

And finally, I think this would look just presh draped over my couch. No?
Design Within Reach Plus 9 Throw