Continued Education

I always dreaded the first day of school, however I'm quite looking forward to my first upholstery class in the morning! For the month of October, you can find me at the Austin Upholstery Studio refurbishing...well, I haven't quite narrowed down what I'm going to refurbish. But it's going to look amaze. You hide and watch. (that's a Taylor-ism).

I haven't talked to anyone who's taken the class personally, but Mike & Paulette have gotten wonderful reviews on yelp--so I'm hoping they can turn me into an upholstery whiz in no time. I'll be sure to document my adventures in upholstery, so stay tuned for weekly updates.

Currently, I'm thinking this fabric...

A la this chair.

I imagine contrasting piping, but that might have to be for another class. First, I guess I should focus on what exactly I'm going to reupholster. The clock's a ticking. Ah well--wish me luck!