DIY To Do List

I like to consider myself the artsy-craftsy type--when I have the time/am not being completely lazy/there's nothing to watch on Bravo. And now that my real life 'to do' list is slowly dwindling, I'm making a new list of fun, creative things 'to do.' Here are couple of projects that I'm plotting. I feel as though a trip to Michael's is going to be in my very near future.

#1:  No Sew Fabric Applique Monogram (via Effortless Style Blog)

I've been coveting these monogrammed linens, but spending that much on bedding makes my stomach hurt. I just won't do it. I won't.

So, here's Effortless Style to the rescue. She offers a step-by-step guide on how to turn this...

 into this! (except imagine it on a pillow sham)

#2: DIY Wall Art

When I was little I would paint canvases (beach scenes, fish, etc..) and sell them to the neighbors. Why they bought them? I'm not sure. I thought I was straight up Picasso--but looking back they weren't all that hot. Regardless, my love of painting is still quite strong, and I feel as though I need to 'brush up' (pun intended) on my skills. Plus, I need some new wall art. Win. Win. I saw this while perusing the webs, and immediately thought, "I can do that!" We  shall see!