Ol' Four Eyes...

I remember it like it was yesterday. 5th grade. Annual screenings at school. I fail the seeing portion. Let's review how both of my parents have 20/20 vision--to this day. How do I not have perfect vision?! I could tell Cindy was kind of bummed that I had to get glasses, but I thought it was kind of fun (minus the whole puff some air in your eye, dilation part). When I was in middle school, I upgraded to colored contacts. Hot. Fast forward 15+ years and here we are. On the verge of being legally blind. I've gone through my fair share of frames--most recently I got a super expensive, super trendy pair (probably too trendy for my own good...)--they were an impulse/retail therapy/it made me feel better buy. Whoops. However, it was only after I shelled over a paycheck for new spectacles that I discovered Warby Parker. Where the frack where they 2 months ago?! I'm so behind...There insanely economical at $95 a pop, INCLUDING lenses (take that Santa Fe Optical...), and super tre chic. I'm now contemplating buying a 'back up pair' of glasses, and here are my options: Opinions welcome.
Warby Parker Fillmore

Warby Parker Preston

Warby Parker Tenley