Upholstery Class Update

We're half way through our upholstery class, and while I've already learned a lot, I'd have to say the most important 'take home' point I've learned thus far: Upholstery is hard and time consuming.  Now I know why it's so expensive!!! That being said, I'm thoroughly enjoying the class, and can't wait to bask in the glow of my finished product...one day.  Here are a few photos of our progression: 

The first week we demo'd our projects. That meaning, we removed every single stitch of existing fabric, staple, tack, padding, webbing, and in my case horse hair and other unidentifiable objects. I chose to reupholster a small tub chair I had gotten years ago at Wimberley Market days. I originally paid $40 for it, and when I priced it out to have it reupholstered (quoted $450...), I decided to leave it as is. However, now is my chance to make it fabulous! Cindy chose a platform rocker of my Grandmother's.  It wasn't until she started tearing it apart that we remembered it had lived through a couple of floods. And should have been condemned.  It should have also come with its own haz-mat suit. However, Cindy powered through and managed to get it down to the bones. 

Cindy's Chair (before)
Removing the skirt from my chair. 
Removing the 13,459th staple.
Removing the 15,678th staple. 
My Chair (After 1st Class)
Cindy's Chair (After 1st Class)

This week I spent the majority of class applying new webbing, and tying springs.  My chair had nine original springs that all had to be removed, and then re-installed by hand tying each spring. I won't go into the nitty gritty of this, but I'll tell you it took the better part of 5 hours. And made me grumpy. But it's done! And now I can say I know how it do it :) After the springs were successfully done, I then applied a layer of burlap over them. Next week I'll finish webbing the back of the chair and start to add the foam and padding. 

Tying springs.
I'm done with springs! 
View from the top. 
My Chair (After 2nd Class)

AND....a shameless plug of NoNo this morning :)