Upholstery Graduation

I've officially graduated Upholstery Class! Diploma, (aka: certificate that I've forgotten to take a picture of) and everything! I think I'll frame it and put it next to my "Notary Public" sign. It's the little achievements...

In all honesty, I didn't quite finish my chair, BUT I think with just a couple more studio hours work, I can have it wrapped up in no time. I just need to finish the outside back and the dust cover--and BAM. Done. In the mean time, here are some photographical updates.


*big pat on the back*

Check out that contrast welting.
A grainy recap of the chair 'BEFORE.'

What do you think? I think with a little more practice (and power tools), I could quite actually get the hang of this whole 'upholsterizing' (as Rob calls it).