You Got Served.

on a DIY platter! I'm a sucker for a serving tray or any type of platter. Why? I have no clue, it's a sickness. And while my collection has gotten a wee bit out of control, I feel like there's always room for more! Recently, I've spied quite a few DIY tutorials on how to make your own fancy serving tray, so I'm giving it a shot! Hopefully after the weekend, I'll have some tangible products to show off. In the mean time, here are some awe-inspiring DIY trays that you, too, can craft in the comfort of your own home.

EXHIBIT A:  from Sanity Fair

EXHIBIT B: from P.S. - I Made This

EXHIBIT C: from Design*Sponge

And finally, this gem. My mother brought me some old wooden trays of my grandmother's other day, and I think some painter's tape & spray paint will do just the trick on them. And it will look oh-so-festive for the holidays!