Whenever I get bored, I shop. This has proven extremely detrimental to my bank account--and closet space.  However, I'm going to try and remedy my boredom with a different, less hoarder-esque vice: remodeling! Yes, remodeling also costs money, but I feel as though with my extremely frugal tendencies, I can make some significant changes around the house without making a significant dent into my savings. Here's to hoping...

In the mean time, here's some inspirational eye candy I've been oogling. (my 'pinning' activity has about tripled in the last 6 hours, as well...) I have it all nicely laid out in my head, however, I just need someone handier than myself to execute my plan. Any takers?!

I also may or may not have already ordered some fabulous (yet frugal!) floor to ceiling drapes for my bedroom.  Watch out.