At Your Service

Over the past few years I've caught myself saying "When I grow up, I want to be...," or "In my next life....," and I realize that I need to live in the now and strive to do things that truly make ME happy.  It wasn't until I purchased my home a few years ago that I realized what does make me truly happy--Interior Design!  Prior to my current job, I worked in the music industry for 10+ years (to totally date myself...).  Music was my passion, and since I have no musical talent myself, I made it my mission to help those who do--and it made me happy.  However, after 10 years, I realized that when it felt more and more like "work," and less like a "hobby I'm getting paid for" it was time to make a change.

You may be asking yourself, "Where is she going with this?" "Why are we getting all personal?"  Well, I'm going to attempt to do what I love--on the side, that is.  Hopefully, as time goes on, I can make it into a full-blown business, but for now--this is what we've got to work with :)  That all being said, if any of you are interested in the following services, please contact me! I'm at your service, and aim to please! 

* Interior Design Consultation *
* Mood Boards / Product Sourcing *
* Room Styling & Staging *
* Assistance finding "that perfect piece" *
* Fashion / Shopping Consultation *