Fall: It's So Hot Right Now.

I'm just going to ramble for a little bit. Feel free to join.

So yesterday, I had full intentions to start a new blog series (I say 'new' like I've ever done a 'series' in the first place, but stay with me...) called 'Music Mondays,' where I tell you my top favorite songs of the week. It's a grand idea. And it might actually happen--next Monday, but in the mean time, I suggest you download Fun's (or as I mistakenly called 'Friends' for a few months...) Some Nights. It's a mood-lifter-upper. I promise.

Next on the agenda, It's FALL! Well, not in Texas, but I hear in other places it might be. Us? We're still sweltering in the 100+ degree  heat and trying to figure out how to keep our make up from sweating off. Oh, the humanity.  But those pesky retailers keep pushing fall fashion on me, so I guess I'll humor them and at least 'window shop' -- even though I can't wear any of it until possibly mid-January 2013. Here are few things I'm eying, for the when the temperature drops below 80.

Loeffler Randall Margeaux Boot
J. Crew Shrunken Blazer
Ark & Co. Textured Jacket (currently on sale!)

It wouldn't be fall without football season. And while we all know that I couldn't really care less about sports or standing in the heat (see previous paragraph), I care heaps about looking fashionably ready for Game Day. I'll be sporting the following come September. (P.S. Click here to follow my 'Game Day.' board on Pinterest!)

J. Crew Nautical Stripe Short (on sale now!)
University of Texas Boots
As a Pre-Season treat to myself, I purchased these yesterday. A) They're Karen Walker. 2) They have orange on them. D) They were on super sale. Like, $100 off, sale. Win. Win. & Win.
However, as we all know, a Bloody Mary is by far the best Game Day accessory.
Hook 'Em.