Let's Review.

Oh, hi. Me again. As mentioned in the previous post, I accidentally-kind-of-sorta lost the motivation to blog / be a responsible human being for a while. But, I'm back! Group sigh of relief...I know. I'm thrilled for me too.

Ok, so let's re-cap what's happened in the past six weeks, shall we?
And now I'm finally back in Austin and attempting to get my life back in order. However, there are just too many fun things going on, that it's hard.  Happy Hour? Of course! Bunko? Don't mind if I do! I'm forcing myself to go to my parents' this weekend, in hopes that a weekend in the country will be just what the Dr. ordered. Plus, the San Marcos outlets are on the way, so it's a win-win. (J. Crew Factory is giving things away, BTW.)

I apologize for the lengthy, picture-less post.  I promise upcoming posts will have less verbiage and more pictures of pretty things.

Happy Friday!