The Shops (and Other Stuff) at Target

If you're an avid follower of the blog, you might be thinking to yourself, "Why has it taken Katie over 72 hours to mention The Shops at Target since they hit stores?" Well, the answer is two-fold; (1) UT played Saturday night, so the likelihood of my waking up at 8am on Sunday was slim, (2) I just wasn't that excited about this series. GASP! I know. Target did something I just wasn't over the moon for.  I'm as sad as you are. However, I wasn't completely disappointed.

I stopped by Target on my way home from work yesterday to see the items in real life, and here's my take (I apologize for the stock photos, my iPhone decided to hate me last night, so I wasn't able to take real pictures):

Kirna Zabete
Overall, not in love.  I did however purchase this dress, as I think it will be a great fall staple.  It can be worn casually for work, or snazzed up for date night. I'm thinking it would love fab mixed with either a leopard bag or booties. No?

the Curiosity Shoppe
This line is 'cute and kitschy,' but that's about it. I did however purchase a couple of these plates--only because they're burnt orange and would be presh at a tailgate. And these straws because, well, I like stripe-y straws and they make any get-together a little more festive.
Odin New York
A hip and trendy menswear line.  While I don't have much to say on the topic of menswear, I can say that I wouldn't mind if someone picked me up for a date in this get-up.

Patch NYC
This is the line that probably tickled my fancy the most, but I just didn't need (see? I'm showing restraint) anything, so I resisted.  However, I'm kind of obsessed with this darling little fox lamp? Kudos, Patch, kudos.

While perusing at Target, I came across their Timeless Home Decor Collection and was most impressed. It's very Hollywood Glam and unlike anything I've seen at Target before. Bravo! 
And can we also discuss this amaze lamp base? It's currently only available in stores, so be sure to check your local Target. It would be super chic with a navy or black lamp shade.

Have you found any treasures at your local Target? Do share!