Get the Look: ACL Day Two

On Day Two of ACL, we launched the official Campaign for Champagne. While were asked numerous times if this was in fact a real thing, perhaps a charity of sorts, we sadly had to tell people that we're just annoying and like to match 8th grade-style.  Yet, despite our matchy-matchiness, it was fun to see how everyone styled their outfits differently.  (i.e. I was apparently 'Safari Blonde.').  Thank goodness we snapped this pic early in the day, because a few hours later a monsoon hit and we all looked like drowned blonde rats. Hot.

Get the Look:
ACL Day 2

Campaign for Champagne Muscle Tee
Current/Elliot Boyfriend Shorts
Frye Melissa Trapunto Boots
Lapel Sleeveless Green Vest 

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