Round Top ReCap

While this trip to Round Top wasn't as fruitful as years past, Cindy & I still had a great time perusing all of the goods that Antique Weekend had to offer.  We started the morning at Ex-Cess (Warrenton), and I immediately saw a number of things I had to have....but also would have to win the lottery to pay for them all.  Ex-cess is one of my favorite markets, but they are on the pricier side and it's more difficult to 'strike a deal.'
Hot Pink Upholstered Chairs / $1,450 for the pair 
MidCentury Lamp
Lucite Lamp Bases  (Obsessed!)
Cindy and Her Cart
Vintage Lighting (and marching band never know when those will come in handy.) 
Oh, those silly antique dealers....
After Ex-Cess, we hit up 'The Field.'  While I didn't find anything I wanted to purchase, it was interesting to see what was 'on trend' this year.  There were TONS of vintage marquee letters.  Apparently I was a visionary last spring when I scoured the earth for them--now they're everywhere! Vintage globes are also 'big'--and I think I'm getting on board with this trend.  They add such a nice POC (Pop of Color) to any room.
Foo Dogs
'Austin Love' Marquee Letters 
Marquee Letter Lamps (I loved!)
After the Field, we made a quick trip into Round Top and then came back to finish up Warrenton.  I've always had great luck at Warrenton, but you kind of have to 'dig' a little more than other places.  The prices are 'bargain friendly' so it's much easier to bargain with the dealers there.  
Pink & Gold Lamp Bases / $58 each
End Table (on wheels) / $30 (this almost came home with me,  but needed too much work)
'Big Like Texas' Ashtray 
Antique Dealers in their natural environment. Seriously, this is where they live for weeks during the show. 
Poodles! I'm a sucker for bookends. 

Colored Glassware EVERYWHERE. 
Pink Glassware.  I inherited my Grandmother's pink glassware and it's perfect for bridal showers, baby showers, or for when you feel like eating on pink plates. Which for me, is kind of daily. 
Gold Splattered Cowhide Rug / $350 (I struggled with this for a while, but decided to leave it in Warrenton....sad face)
Brass & Glass End Table
However, after walking for 5 hours and covering God knows how many miles of antique, these are the only things that came home with me:
Sequin Dress from Junk Gypsy / $72 (I know, I'm shocked too...)
Mini Turquoise Foo Dog / $2
After looking back through all of my pictures, I'm starting to kick myself for not purchasing some of these things.  Luckily, Cindy's going back this week for the Marburger Farms show (preview opens on Tuesday, 10/2!), so maybe I can talk her into scooping a few items for me. 

Did any of you venture out to Round Top this past weekend?  For those of you who haven't been, the show continues through this weekend, and I highly recommend the little road trip!  If you have any questions on where to go, etc. feel free to message me.  Cindy and I have become certified antiquing professionals. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!