Round Top Antique Weekend - Spring 2013

It's baaack.  I know what you're thinking--"Didn't you JUST go to Round Top?"  And yes, yes I feel like I did.  However, the months have flown by, and Antique Weekend is here again. Yesterday, Cindy and I battled the frigid weather and the 25 mph winds to get a 'head start' on antiquing.  And while many markets & vendors advertised they would be open "Pre-Preview Weekend," it was a lie.  And a lie stings all that much more when you're standing in a giant field of tents trying to maintain an upright position [and a positive attitude]--in 40 degree weather. I digress.  Despite the gale force winds, we still managed to find a few treasures and were able to 'scout out' our plan of attack for this weekend, which is the official Preview Weekend.
"A-Ok" Hand sculpture | Brass Peacocks | Lion Drawer Pulls | "OMG" Paperweight
Are any of you planning to go to Antique Weekend? If so, here are a few pointers if you haven't been before.
Good luck & happy hunting!