#SXSW Style - Part 1

I know it's been a (long) hot minute since I've last posted, but fear not, I'm still breathing.  This shall serve as my 'proof of life' post.  While I've started over a dozen posts ranging from my current go-to beauty products to my latest purchases, hitting the 'publish' button failed to ever happen. Sorry 'bout that.

However, there is one topic that is just too big to not discuss--and that my friends, is SXSW.  While some Austinites like to get the hell out of Dodge come March, I choose to embrace the chaos and dive in head first.  This will be my 11th SXSW [and only my 2nd that I don't have to actually work the festival.  It's all fun and games, until you're the sober one at 2am that has to pay bands...]. And this will be the 11th time I promise myself I will never ever attend SX again.  I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to crowds, lines, hipsters, ironic mustaches, fake glasses, and an overabundance of skinny black jeans. Yet, 364 days later, here I am--amped and ready. And of course, planning my wardrobe. 

After I started this post, I quickly realized it was going to turn into a small novel, so I've decided to break it down to the basics.  From fashionable footwear, comfortable clothes, and must have accessories, I'll try to make dressing for SX as foolproof as possible. Here we go.

The most important item you can possibly wear during SX are comfortable shoes.  Whenever I see a girl in heels or 5" wedges, I immediately think to myself, "Bless your heart, you're not from around here." [aka "Idiot."]  Acceptable options include: flat boots, booties, a reasonable wedge, flats, or sandals. [disclaimer: When you're walking down E. 6th, there are some questionable items strewn about the street, so closed toed shoes are highly encouraged.]

 Fortress of Inca Cameron Oxford 
 How amazing are these?  Plus, they're designed by a fellow Austinite. Win-win.

Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boot
I have these in black and wear them approximately 4 days a week (even to the Capitol). Stylish and comfortable.

 Olivia Tall Vegan Boot
Ok, I have these too. The only word I have to describe them is: HOT. That was a lie, I have more than one word. These will take you straight from day to night, as the temperatures are expected to drop once the sun goes down.  These will keep your legs stylish & warm!

Hilight Wedge Sneaker
I know a lot of you aren't really on board with the 'wedge sneaker' trend, but [shocker] I have these too, and they're proven comfort. Plus, you can pretend you're in an up and coming hip-hop group. You'll blend right in.

Stay tuned for some fashionable frocks I've curated for next week's festivities!  In the mean time, for those of you that have already descended upon our fair city / the locals, I'll leave with you my favorite game to play during SX -- 'Homeless or Hipster.'   However, almost always the answer is 'hipster.' Enjoy.