Eliza Page Trunk Show: Lisa Crowder

I've expressed my adoration for 2nd Street's little gem of a jewelry store, Eliza Page, before.   So when they invited local bloggers to check out their latest Trunk Show designer, Lisa Crowder, I cleared my schedule.  While Austin is constantly growing, I'm continuously reminded that it's still a small town.  I worked with Lisa seven *ahem* years ago during my time at Rare at various shopping events and fashion shows--so I was so excited to see her name and check out her new wares! And, as always, her talents shined.

Lisa mainly utilizes sterling silver and gold in her pieces, with the occasional use of enamel for a pop of color.  All of her jewelry is made by hand in her East Austin studio, making each piece a unique work of art.  

I loved getting to chat with Lisa and find out more about her jewelry--as I tried everything on, of course.  And while some items might look dainty, she assured me, "You can't break it."--proving that they're incredibly well-made and pieces you will treasure throughout the years.

Designer, Lisa Crowder (left) and Eliza Page Owner, Elizabeth Gibson (right)
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To see more of Lisa's creations, check out her website or stop by Eliza Page!  Lisa will also be at the Fiesta Arts Fair in San Antonio this weekend [April 20 & 21].