Round Top Recap: Spring 2013

Welp, Round Top Antique Week has come and gone [for me anyways--it's still going on! Get out there!]  Cindy and I ventured back to Round Top on Good Friday--after our treacherous experience the previous weekend.  And while the winds had calmed and the temperature had risen, the crowds had...what's the words for, like, multiplied by 1,000? Thousand-tupled? Anyways, I digress. I saw enough rhinestoned flip flops, Miller Lites in hot pink koozies, and straw cowboy hats for my lifetime.  For someone that attended and then made a career working giant, nationwide music festivals for a large portion of my life--I. Hate. Crowds.  Ok, I digress again.

Back to antiques.  While this year wasn't as fruitful as years past, I still was able to find a few hidden gems and came home a happy camper.  Here are few of this year's finds!

 I found this midcentury bar cart [which is still for sale to the highest bidder--I'm just 'testing it out'].

 I also nabbed this darling little brass shrimp.  I haven't named him yet...but I'm taking suggestions.

Additionally, I brought home this blue and white ceramic vase and an ivory calligraphy brush--$15 each!!! I win.

 The brass peacocks I snagged last weekend have made a home on my dining table.  Standing guard of my flower arrangement.

Lastly, I found this tiny little iron hand to display my favorite rings.  Something about it is kind of creepy...but I still kind of love it.

Did any of you go to Round Top? I'd love to see your finds!!!

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